Example Website Statistics

The General Summary provides a quick overview of the general statistics for the entire web site during the report time frame. A full statistics report shows much more specific data.

General Summary
1.Host namewww.abergavenny.net
2.Host URLwww.abergavenny.net
3.Program start time Jan 25, 2007 01:03
4.Time of first request Jan 1, 2007 00:03
5.Time of last request Jan 25, 2007 00:03
6.Time last 7 days lasts untilJan 30, 2007 23:59
7.Successful server requests 241,796 Requests
8.Successful requests in last 7 days 10,208 Requests
9.Successful requests for pages 31,717 Requests for pages
10.Successful requests for pages in last 7 days 1,260 Requests for pages
11.Failed requests 4,584 Requests
12.Failed requests in last 7 days 176 Requests
13.Redirected requests 1,686 Requests
14.Redirected requests in last 7 days 70 Requests
15.Distinct files requested 4,112 Files
16.Distinct files requested in last 7 days 1,430 Files
17.Distinct hosts served 5,071 Hosts
18.Distinct hosts served in last 7 days 458 Hosts
21.Total data transferred 921.40 MBytes
22.Total data transferred in last 7 days 42.58 MBytes

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